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Cool Childrens Toys

cool childrens toys

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Childrens' TVs

Childrens' TVs

We went to the Seattle Childrens' Museum yesterday. It is a pretty cool place to go on a chilly rainy day, especially now that we've reached toddlerhood. But one thing I don't much like about the place is how there are so many TV screens built into things. They play short video loops that are obviously supposed to be "educational" -- and are usually very boring with low quality video and audio. Still, I hate seeing our kid run over to a toy car, for example, climb in and happily start turning the steering wheel and pressing buttons until the TV catches his attention and suddenly the gleeful expression is replaced by a glazed hypnotic one.

Other toddler play spaces do this too. The Seattle Zoo's "Zoomazium" is a great playspace, but also has little TVs built into things -- although a couple of them are cool: inside a play cave there is a very large screen showing underwater scenes of fish. It is large enough and in this weird dark cave such that it doesn't seem like TV so much as a window to the ocean. And a video of landscapes is projected very large onto the wall behind the play "mountain", giving a cool sense of space. But there are other little TVs here and there that are more like those at the Childrens' Museum.

In my opinion, toddler play places should have fewer TVs and more drums!

Cute or Cool website portfolio- Graphic Work

Cute or Cool website portfolio- Graphic Work

These are a Sample of Graphic Work created by Laura Mansdorf.
Featured on CuteorCool.com

Top Left-Clockwise
Laura from the Laura Ann Designs Logo, Killer Robot Inspired By Tokyo Police Club's " song Citizen's of Tomorrow", Blonde Girl, Petite Star Rock N' Roll Girl, Brie (PJ's sister in the Keepit's storybook,) Moe Monsters, A Handbag from Skyler's Sweet 16 play set, A Tick, Santa Running to the Sleigh, Funky French Fries, Cutie Cupcake and Bon-Bon Bonnie, Pink VW Beatle, Tom Marron Playing Guitar at Mo' Joe Coffee House in Mineola and finally, a Beach Lovin' Girl.

cool childrens toys

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